In Mexico City, the elderly have guaranteed their rights in various activities and services that gives the city government, such as “Mornings Movie” program through which free cinema xmovies8 is offered for this sector of the population and implements the right to culture, entertainment, healthy development and recreation, said the head of government, Miguel Angel Mancera Espinosa.

By attending the “Mornings Movie” at a cinema located at Avenida Universidad, he said that access to this benefit is only necessary to show the card Alimony, same as in its new edition contained in the back, the legend allusive to this program.

Accompanied by Secretary of capital Social Development (Sedesol), Rosa Icela Rodríguez Velázquez, Havana’s president thanked the CEO of Operation Cinépolis, Miguel Mier Esparza, the conjunction of synergies to carry out this program that allows to provide each elderly which has its card alimony the opportunity to attend a function of free cinema once a fortnight, Monday through Friday before 15:00 pm in the Cinépolis complexes and Cinemex chains. You can also watch the movie via stream.

To guarantee this right to leisure, culture and recreation, Sedesol launched along with businessmen in the film industry, the “Mornings Movie” program, benefiting 480,000 adults over 68 years successors of the Alimony .

The exercise of the rights of older adults and the daily task accomplished by performing the Sedesol, through the Institute for the Care of the Elderly (IAAM) in collaboration with other agencies.

Mancera Espinosa said that Cinépolis thought of the social part and demonstrated the importance of this program for the effort of another company as Cinemex would join; “We will continue to develop more programs like this, and more care for the elderly because it is our vocation in the city, it is the job of every day”.

In this regard, Icela Rosa Rodriguez said that free cinema is the new benefit that the Government of the CDMX has implemented in favor of and the elderly; “We want to see them happy living an age fullness, and maintain an active, dignified and autonomous old age.”

The Government of the City will continue to work he stated that older adults have guaranteed social rights; “We will continue to work to use their free time in recreational activities such as danzón Thursday, social tourism or engaged in Senior Schools”.

Meanwhile, Miguel Mier Esparza emphasized that the “Mornings Movie” program from putlocker only takes place in Mexico City, “is a program that we are happy to participate, support and back and meet with authorities such as the Federal District where programs like this are released. We are pleased to associate ourselves and see that gradually this program grows. ”

Today was held the screening of the film “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” for 330 beneficiaries. The aim is to advance and strengthen public policy Alimony, through actions to promote active aging and broaden the spectrum of human rights of the Elderly in the city.


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