Nasal and full face masks new

NYSE expands its ultra-light, comfortable, and the winner of a line AirFit ™ premium masks today with new options of nasal and full face. The complete compact protective mask AirFit F10 and compact nasal mask AirFit N10 continue the story of the 25 years of the company comfortable and effective solutions innovation to treat sleep-breathing disorganized.

“These new masks personify the type of CPAP Sydney, which is all about providing the lightweight patients comfortable, and solutions trusted to treat his sleep disorganized breathing,” said Jon Yerbury, vice president of Strategic Business Unit Breathing Sleep -Desorganizado ResMed. “We know that if the mask is not right, nothing else matters;the comfort of the mask is the key to staying in therapy. Like all our masks, we invest in the decades of research to ensure that the patient-centric projects were at the core of the same type of AirFit . ”

AirFit F10 is the Protector Full Compact Mask The Lighter Market

The AirFit F10 delivers comfort, stability, and performance in a simple and elegant design, and has all the benefits of a full traditional mask in a compact form. Patients also benefit from its circular widespread ventilation that directs the exhaled air more evenly and is less likely to rebound off objects or the surrounding members of the base, creating a quieter environment of sleep.

In ResMed test, patients preferred the AirFit F10 on the main compact full face mask ResMed in terms of seal, comfort, stability, and accessibility. The AirFit F10 is the complete mask the clearest in the market, and its four-piece design makes it easy to clean and keep it.

The lack of support from his forehead makes AirFit F10 discreet without sacrificing stability, and an audible system retention cushion-to-frame three-click improves usability. The Air ™ cushion mask dual-wall spring provides a comfortable and secure seal gently conforming to the face.

Snap Simplified Offer AirFit N10 and view Line Clara

The compact nasal mask lightweight AirFit N10 stands out with its visual comfort and freedom in a project easy to use. In ResMed test, patients preferred the AirFit N10 on other nasal masks market leader in terms of accessibility, comfort, the unobtrusiveness, and stability.

In less than 3 ounces, the AirFit N10 has a sleek frame under-eye that offers discreet support without sacrificing stability, and as a result, provides a clear line of sight. Its Air Cushion changed dual-wall spring provides a comfortable and effective seal when the staples of EasyClick headwear make appropriate dress fixing the headgear to the frame easily. The pipe lightweight, flexible, integrated and minimum parts add to the appeal of the nasal mask.

A variety of sizes for the perfect setting

Shades of AirFit F10 and AirFit N10 come in a variety of sizes and are also available in For Your versions designed specifically for female patients and its original anatomy.Both Shades featuring headwear SoftEdge ™ for added comfort.

The AirFit F10 comes in small, medium, and large with blue headgear, and For Your versions with color pink headgear in extremely small sizes, small, and medium.

The AirFit N10 is available in small sizes, standard and wide with blue headgear, and For Your version with color pink headgear small size.

The AirFit F10 ResMed and AirFit N10 begin to send in the US, Canada, and Latin America today. Join the AirFit award-winning P10, a nasal mask pillows, launched in early 2014. The AirFit P10 recently won a prestigious award Red Dot Product design for 2014. Red Spot is the competition most of the project of the world.


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